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What about Sexual Astrology?

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Introducing ME [Apr. 19th, 2006|10:02 pm]
What about Sexual Astrology?


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Name: Teena
Nickname/s: Tee. Cherry. Lou-Ann. Red. Choops.
Age: almost 27
Sex: Female
Birthdate: June 22 1979
Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Ontario Canada in a hospital
Ethnicity: Mixed breed of Finnish, English and Irish
Hair Color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Favorite Music: Drum and Bass. Jungle. Progressive. Ambient
Favorite Artists/Stars:Gunnar Hansen, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, VINCE VAUGHN, Seymore Butts, Julian, Bella Donna, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Jessica Drake
Favorite Movies: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 1974. Pirates starring, Jesse Jane, Evan Stone, Devon, Teagan Presley, Janine, Tommy Gun. SUPER FUNNY!!! These pornstars (especially Evan Stone)are not too shabby with their comedic skills. Its also nice too see that female pornstars(Jesse Jane)have cellulite too:)) Also LOVE Zoolander.
Favorite TV shows: LOST and Prison Break
Favorite Foods: Chinese
Favorite Colors: Blue, green
Favorite Books: The Outsiders. No one here gets out alive.
Hobbies: Internet junkie. jewelery making.
Pets: 3 cats and a dog
Dream: becoming the first and most successful Horror/Porn director