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Astrological Sexual Mates Which Sign Fits Your Sexual Wants And… - Sexual Astrology [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
What about Sexual Astrology?

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[May. 16th, 2007|02:11 pm]
What about Sexual Astrology?


Astrological Sexual Mates
Which Sign Fits Your Sexual Wants And Needs?
Well Now You Will Know!

ARIES-This sign has an easy time making friends with both sexes and is open to having friends with benifits.The commune lifestyle is not for them because of too much competition. Everyone sharing everyone and everything dictated by communal decision making just isin't there style. A little order for them is a good thing! Threesomes are possible here as long as the third party is a woman and jealousy does not over-cum passion. An open relationship or marriage is possible, due to Aries beinging a risk-taker and an explorer and can even be a leader in alternative lifestyle. Aries want everything!

TAURUS-Taurus seem to have more male than female friends. There possessivness and jealous streak  usually rule out a successfull threesomes! (Unless it is by chance and know one will ever find out) With a single partner ,loyalty is there strong suit and will often help othes find there way to a happy life but may not share there beliefs. Taurus's strong feminine side attracts masculine males and females so a gay or bisexual lifestyle is not out of the question. A keeper if you can catch one!

GEMINI-Likes to marry young and marry often,maybe due to boredom or when there single they want to be married &vice versa..Ceates there own excitment. Has many intimate freindships so if your the jealous kind...STAY AWAY..An open marriage is very possible here for they can remain committed but also love the excitment this can bring. As long as thier center stage, this sign is the best at having a threesome.They can be manipulative and will want to be sexually satisfied first. Gemini females tend to find a bi-sexual lifestyle appealing."Twice the Fun" could be there motto..

CANCER-Cancer dislikes feeling alone. Loyalty is strong here so an open marriage or relationship is probably out of the realm but is not against others who enjoy this,just not if it includes them. A threesome is strong because they love to experiment but it would have to be with two other members of the opposite sex. They love fantasy. Most cancers are hetro and really prefer one loyal partner for stimulation and enrichment.A good life-long partner.

LEO-Not interested in jealousy or pettiness. A true extrovert who likes to keep things simple.Willing to try a Menage a Trois for fun and pleasure and may even have a  bit of exhibitonism in them.But Leo is not really one who wants to share there mate. Admires experamentation but will rarley engage.Probably  havinging erotica read to them by a lover in bed is more there style.Madonna is a good example of a Leo!

VIRGO-Has many male & female friends but likes too keep them seperate,each in there own space.Very traditional, an open marriage is not for them. A three-some is possible here but the other two must be a man and a woman so they can ,(in secret) test out there sexual leanings.They really are seeking a comfortable marriage.Tradition and family is where there heart is and they tend to wear that on there sleeve.

LIBRA-There need for change means life never stands still for long.They don't rule out or seek sex with close friends but are willing to engage if they know they are admired.Very sexual,they like serious relationships.There own insecurity probably rules out an open-marriage or relationship but the thought of a three-some does appeal to there nature but it would have to revolve around them.A bi-sexual lifestyle is not out of the question here. A sex God or Godess is where there at because they ooooze charm.A very classy partner to have and to hold.

SCORPIO-As complex as they cum. So many taboo's they want to explore but nobody to share them with due to there jealous nature.Likes the idea of an open relationship but is not usually one to share what is there's.See's most people as potential bed-partners.Tends to enjoy threesomes but needs one who is very into sub-missive sex to live out there fantasy. Lust is a common theme for them because they see it in everything. Think Dracula when you think extreme and this is them.  {
My favorite sign!!!}

SAGITTARIUS-Freedom to roam without a commitment to a mate or family.A true explorer who hates to be held back. Anything open is game to them so an open relationship is very appealing to them. A threesome they would certainly enjoy but an orgy they crave even more.Why have limits? Enjoys when others want to share on  there adventure.Lovers of the same sex don't scare them but at times there three favorite words are...I,me and mine...Only for those who think they can keep up!

CAPRICORN-In the long run,they enjoy the single life.They can be possessive but they are quite aware of it. As a result ,can be quite shy.They like very much relating with others so a threesome can be an outlet for them to meet new people without having to get real close. Intense and practical, they are willing to explore sexual fantasies but need a partner to show them were it is they want to go but don't stray away.Is this the least sexual sign there is?

AQUARIUS-Always interested in new things.Be it positions or toys,they just love to try them out. If they dont like them,well at least they won't wonder what it would had been like.An open-marriage is ok with them as long as its kept private from others.The same with a threesome,they are the ones to suggest it when things become boring.But they demand respect from others and are nobody's plaything.A bi-sexual lifestyle intriges them but not with a possessive one.This sign represents the new age.

PISCES- The dreamer..Such a vivid imagination.Has a hard time acting them out because they so value there own space and  never want that in threat. Definitly not open to an open relationship.But if everybody is willing go there own way after,a threesome could very well happen here. Gives them the chance to live the dream but on there terms.A natural leader ,with Pices at the helm, BDSM cums into play here. No problem if you want too push the limits and take a peak what's over the edge.

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[User Picture]From: lunesapphire
2007-05-17 03:08 pm (UTC)
So awesome, thanks for posting. I too, love Scorpio. Your icon is amazing.
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